• Monday, 11 June, 2018 10:38:AM

    Diplomatic festival was celebrated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when PM Modi, while speaking at Shangrila, Singapore, advocated for Non Aligned Movement, once promoted by Late Jawahar Lal ji. Sources say, after taking over in 2014, Modi was seen aligned with USA, but it seems he has understood the importance, due to flickering idea and approach of Trump, and returned to old allies of NAM and Russia. PM realised that foreign policy of country is not only to remain on front to counter China for USA. Modi, as a statesman, came out from that vicious circle. This all happened due to persistent hard work of Gokhale, new Foreign Secretary, and Doval under very strong leadership provided to ministry by Mrs Sushma Swaraj, Foreign Minister. It is learned that new foreign secretary believes in good relations with all and in, not to align with anyone, but to create own leadership as was in NAM time?


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