• Monday, 11 June, 2018 10:38:AM

    PM Modi and Amit Shah wanted to promote Piyush Goyal to cabinet with Finance portfolio, when news spread and one most powerful minister in the cabinet came to know with the help of friend, media persons leaked some 12 news in news papers. And, other media to malign image of Goyal. Some news were planted of mismanagements of fund by him and his wife. This stopped the promotion but person behind Goyal, due to his appreciable performance in the ministries, he continued working, understood the entire game behind selective leakages. Sources say, matter has been brought to notice of PM, who after going over all the facts and getting feed back from concerned, passed on messages to so called most powerful minister to refrain from such false propaganda against own colleague otherwise cases against him reported by many quarters will also be investigated along with others to find out truth. Now, Piyush Goyal is doing well in new atmosphere as is the news.


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