• Monday, 11 June, 2018 10:38:AM

    For the first time in history the former President of India, paid a visit to RSS, HQ, Nagpur, and the most interesting thing is RSS has changed its protocol by providing opportunity to ex President to address the event, which was otherwise addressed by RSS Chief in fact in all such events. As per protocol to President and ex President, they always speak at the end, to give honour to the first citizen and ex first citizen of country. Sources say, RSS Chief has given a warm welcome to P Mukherjee and took him around. The chemistry between both was exceptional, credit goes to Gadkari, who was instrumental in arranging luncheon meeting with Mukherjee, when he was in Rashtrapati Bhawan and since then both are maintaining very good relations. RSS headquarter was eagerly waiting for this visit because Mukherjee, even though he is a Congress man, he maintained a stature of Statesman and also a devout Hindu. As a seasoned politician Mukherjee was aware of controversy but due to the pressure from Gadkari, with whom he developed very good relations during his tenure, agreed and spoken from heart that he believes in discussions and communication between all, a clear message to all.


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