• Monday, 11 June, 2018 10:38:AM

    Modi and President of China, developed very close relations in the due course. They are meeting very frequently and their rapport has solved many complicated issues between two countries. Their relations also effected many complex problems of the world. The foreign desk of country also believes that friendship with all the neighbours leads to permanent development in the country due to peaceful atmosphere. Gokhle, Foreign Secretary, considered a China expert is managing one to one meetings with world leaders of the PM. The shift in policy resulted in one to one meeting of President Putin with PM Modi. Sources say, Mrs Sushma Swaraj has changed the mode of operations for the meetings. A team of diplomats are working for small meetings than big summits and conclaves. A million dollar question in the mind of all that by going past experiences whether China will come forward to support our country in world forums for permanent peace in the area.


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