• Monday, 06 August, 2018 11:03:AM

    Seriously, the opposition parties are trying to have coalition to challenge BJP in the upcoming Loksabha election. Every party has got its own agenda and vote bank, and to win, some dents are required in re vote bank of other parties. Congress, the oldest party and the strong contender to lead coalition is also trying to bring all folds together, but sources say that they're also trying to build their own base as plan-2, to act, if coalition fails. This is seen, when Keshav Chand Yadav has been made Chief of Youth wing. He hails from the eastern UP, where Yadav dominates. Similarly, selection of Javed Najeeb, the former MLA from Jaunpur, as Chief of minority, in place of Imran Masood, who's considered hard core in contrast to image of Javed, is considered liberal. These selections are only to show other parties, are said to be their voice, that Congress is not behind and can take any challenge.


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