• Monday, 08 October, 2018 11:47:AM

    JD(U) and BJP are partners in the Bihar government, but sources say, both are not very comfortable with each other. There is a possibility that BJP might withdraw its support to pave way for the State Assembly along with the Parliamentary Elections in 2019. BJP is in favour of going with the trusted friends, Upended Kushwaha and Ram Vilas Paswan. Though both are not very confident of getting along, a recent meeting of Kushwaha with Amit Shah, as sources say, changed the scenario and Kushwaha is rethinking of joining hands with BJP after getting assurance for a better future, if patience is kept. He is also advised not to go with Lalu Yadav because of possibility is that Nitish Kumar, considered only leader of his community, to switch over to Lalu's side and hamper his chances because recently. He organised a very big conclave of Koiri, Kurmi to show he is the only leader of the community. To keep safe future Kushwaha to prefer remain with BJP.



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