• Monday, 08 October, 2018 11:47:AM

    Policy makers and leaders of BJP are sure to reach majority figure in 2019 like a cake walk. Their behaviour speaks like that, as if no challenges are ahead for them. This was noticed by some observers when PM was addressing a meeting of Secretary and Chief Secretaries, to have feedbacks on certain developmental programs. Some Secretaries tried to give vague answers considering that this government will not come back after 2019 elections going by common perceptions in society. Sensing this, the one who is accustomed to have answers in positive and perfect manner due to his no-nonsense approach, immediately asked them whether they will continue to give such manner after the party returns to power in 2019 or will change themselves immediately otherwise they will be made to change themselves for the betterment of the country. Officers understood the message sources say, and started speaking in the tone they were for the last 4 years.




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