• Monday, 29 October, 2018 11:33:AM

      The elections in the five states has been stirring anxiety in the air, and to soothe the feelings of supporting parties so to bring them in good humours PM Modi, as sources say, is likely to reshuffle his government for the 4th time. The first was on 9th November 2014, second on 5th July 2016, and the third on 3rd September 2017. Sources say, this could have been done last week but CBI disturbance has delayed. The present cabinet is having 76 members and as per rule 82 ministers in the cabinet is permissible. Sources say, in this reshuffle, the members from JD(U)are likely to join along with from some members of small supporting parties. The last reshuffle will also to take care of some senior party leaders, who have been left so far but have strong followings, if not satisfied, the result is likely to be affected in their respective constituency?








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