• Monday, 03 December, 2018 10:13:AM

    Recently, a farmers’ rally was organized in Delhi. The person who was dedicated for this rally for quite some time couldn’t achieve much to make this rally a success. Yogender ji had gone to different states and has gather farmers to come together for the rally. But when the turn came to take the credit of this work, then his work’s credit was snatched by Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal and Yadav are no longer friends like before. They ignore each other. When Kejriwal was seen with Rahul Gandhi, on stage, Yogender’s face started losing its colour. People from Swaraj India openly said that what business does Kejriwal has with the farmers? They further added that Kejriwal has just come in the middle and grabbed all the compliments.


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