• Monday, 03 December, 2018 10:13:AM

    The former Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh’s tenure in Rajya Sabha will be ending soon, in April 2019. Congress is in search of a new state from where they can send him to Rajya Sabha again. He has been representing Assam in the Upper House for five times. Due to Congress’s rule in the states, Singh has never had faced any hiccups in getting a ticket to Rajya Sabha before, at least not during these 25 years. Even after losing elections, Congress still had enough number of  seats to nominate him for the upper house, until it lost elections in 2016. And, maximum number of states don’t have Congress ruling them, and so as it, logically, seems that DMK’s help will be sought after now. 

    In the upcoming elections, 6 seats will be vacant in Tamil Nadu; hence, Congress has requested M.K Stalin to reserve one seat for Manmohan Singh. Stalin’s sister Kanimozhi is also among the to-be-retiring gang, who wants to now battle in Lok Sabha elections. Hence, her seat, as suggested by Congress, be given to Manmohan Singh. 

    On the other hand, Stalin wants the collaboration of Congress and DMK, yet he doesn’t want to spare more than 5 seats in Tamil Nadu. In such a scenario, Congress might have to shell out a seat of one of its politician’s if Manmohan Singh is to be considered.


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