• Monday, 31 December, 2018 11:31:AM

    Somehow Rahul Gandhi knew that BSP Chief is angry on his party for some reason. After winning at 3-0 scoring, his feet are not touching the ground as yet. Initially, he was ready to talk to Mayawati, but she was not agreeing and making contacts even more difficult. Then he assigned his confidante K Raju to arrange an interaction with her. Both Raju and Mayawati hail from Dalit community, which binds them in a way. Still, she didn’t agree to speak, so Raju opted for her brother Anand. When Anand wanted to speak with Mayawati about this he was advised to not to interfere in the politics and rather focus on his health and that if she were to talk then she will speak directly with Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Thereafter, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi rang her up, but Mayawati didn’t attend her calls. Mrs. Gandhi also sent a letter along with an invitation for lunch, but Mayawati didn’t pay any heed to that even. Following this, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi asked Ahmed Patel to establish a contact with Mayawati, which he did and said that that Congress wanted to talk about the coalition in UPA. And, she offered meagre number of seats knowing which Rahul Gandhi was shocked. He said, “we have won in three states, we cannot let out cadre’s confidence and flag down in UP and we’ll fight alone for all the seats no matter what the results be.


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