• Tuesday, 12 February, 2019 01:39:PM

    Due to confidante of Nitish, Prashant Kishore, the party has recently been divided into two groups. But Nitish’s ethical support goes to PK as he has already begun his preparations to make Nitish Prime Minister. Since many days, he started being vocal about this in front of media people, and also that Ms. Priyanka Gandhi must venture into politics. When she stepped into politics, he appreciated this. This is how he has opened a window for himself with Congress.  Recently, he met Jagmohan Reddy, Aditya Thakre and Sanjay Raut. He also wants to take the work of Shiva Sena, for which Thakre and Raut seems to be prepared. But Shiv Sena wants to win with its own terms and regulations, as it has always, because it believes P.K. to be running flop for a long time. On the other hand, P.K. has been meeting other parties to make Nitish’s stance strong for the elections, and at the same time he has been working for its company.


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