• Monday, 11 March, 2019 10:45:AM

    Although SP and BSP coalition has started taking a shape in UP, yet the conflict between Akhilesh Yadav and Ms. Mayawati is still on. Akhilesh seems to be unhappy and not on the same page with Ms. Mayawati. Actually, Akshilesh seems to be disappointed with the way Ms. Mayawati launched her representatives in Farrookhabad, Ghosi and Basti. On the selection of representatives, Akhilesh called up Ms. Mayawati to say that they are weak candidates, who can los their seats. On hearing this, Ms. Mayawati became furious and said, "it is better that you distribute my and your tickets as you understand my party much better." On the intervention of Satish Mishra, the conflict cooled down a bit. When Ms. Mayawati gives a ticket to anyone, she says, "I'm not giving you a ticket; I'm giving you Lok Sabha."



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