• Monday, 11 March, 2019 10:45:AM

    Giriraj Singh from BJP always gets into soup due to his statement. Recently, Giriraj visited Patna to attend the "Sankalp Rally" of Modi. It was 3rd of March, 2019. In excitement, he gave a statement for this campaign that caused a wildfire amongst the people. The statement was, "Whoever isn't a part of this rally, is either a traitor or a supporter of Pakistan. But he himself wasn't seen in the rally, then a lot of discussions and criticisms began sprouting by people. Thereafter, he tweeted to explain his position and to clarify. He said that due to his illness he couldn't be a part of the rally. On this, Pappu Yadav tweeted, "You decide whether you're a traitor or a patriot, country wants an answer, not proofs. Once upon a time, Giriraj had also asked this question to Rahul Gandhi. What goes, comes back.


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