• Tuesday, 12 March, 2019 01:59:PM

    If you have ever noticed, these days Rahul's confidante have been K Raju, P.L Punia and Alankar, who are (coincidentally) dalits. He relies on their advices. These three have advised Rahul to forward Tanwar's name by pushing ack Bhupender Singh Hooda's name. Coincidentally, Tanwar is also Dalit. Well, on the other hand, some members in Haryana feel that if Tanwar comes forward then it might trigger success while Ms. Priyanka Gandhi feels the opposite and feels that Bhupendra Singh Hooda and Kuldip Bishoi woud work as trump cards for Congress in Haryana. Rahul is forwarding the name of Charan Das in Odisha, who is also a dalit. However keeping in view the weak positioning of Congress in Odisha, Niranjan Pattnaik has been handed over with the charges of the party.


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