• Wednesday, 15 May, 2019 10:03:PM

    Almost all  the phases  are  completed  except one.  All political parties  started calculating seats. All combinations are being worked out,  strategies are  chalked  out to grab the  power after 23rd May.  Sources say with very liberal  calculations  BJP  strategist  feel  that party likely to bag 210-235 seats. This includes seats of all allies of NDA. Congress is likely to bag 110-135 seats and parties though not aligned with any one of these two parties likely to grab 140- 170 seats. UPA allies also to grab approximately 40-70 seats. The rest by some small parties and independents. If this situation becomes reality, it will be very difficult for present leadership to continue unless make some new allies/ friends to reach the magic figure. This is also not difficult for them to manage. But on another front, Congress and other parties are also trying all sources available with them to reach the magic figure. Political observers and sources say that in this eventualities Congress leadership likely to keep them at backstage and the only acceptable leader, though a Congress leader now a veteran leader of NCP be projected as a leader to take control of the situation and claim to become next leader of the country. He is having a very good relationship with the leader of TMC, Congress, SP, BSP, Jagan KCR, BJD, CPI and CPM. Chandra Babu Naidu, sources say, also maintains very good wavelength with Mr Pawar. If the rays of hope are visible, leaders of SHIV SENA likely to join the wagon. Mr Pawar is known for his administrative skills and having very long experience of working in State and Central governments. The charges of leaders against the main opposition party will be countered by keeping him at backstage and the motives of present combined opposition for removing BJP from power probably will be achieved. This is only possible when regional parties create a strong wall at the back of Mr Pawar. If it happens, it is clear that the key of next TAZ will be achieved only with good offices of leaders of regional parties?


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