• Monday, 09 September, 2019 12:09:AM

    There are more than sixty cases filed against Mohd. Azam Khan and some of them are serious crimes like to attempt to murder. When he shared his problems regarding this with the party founder Mulayam Singh, he was consoled. Singh said that he can make the entire party stand up for Khan’s support. However, Akhilesh Yadav didn’t take it lightly, but he didn’t revert back immediately. Samajawadi party’s grip on UP has loosened completely. Those who used to throw tantrums and showcase power with the party’s flag on the vehicles are now taking turn to give attendance in the police stations. No one turned up from Khan’s election region to listen to his appeal. On the other hand, East Rampur’s candidate Begum Noor Bano is concerned for her position. She has been a candidate for Rampur Lok Sabha for many times. She has created a good impression of her among the public. She is known for her honesty and loyalty. But she is not happy with her party’s decisions and plans. She is not in support of removing Article 370 from that state.


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