• Monday, 06 January, 2020 01:16:AM

    Thirty decades ago when Late Narasimha Rao was leading Congress government, the Yoga Guru, Mahesh Yogi, a close confidant of Late Indira Gandhi, submitted a program to the government for the refurbishment of the buildings of the Lutyens zone stating that all the buildings are not constructed according to Vastu Shashtra. As most of the proposals submitted, this also not found favor at that time and was kept pending. Now BJP government has taken the task to move forward and sources say the project to refurbish the Rail Bhawan, Shashtri Bhawan, Vau Bhawan, Nirman Bhawan, and others nearby buildings are likely to be rebuilt or changed altogether. Sources add that the proposal is also moved to build a new bigger Parliament House nearby the existing one. Prime Minister House to be shifted from 7 Lok Kalyan Marg to the south of President House. Vice President House likely to get a new address near to President House. The proposal is also in pipeline to connect all with the underground metro. Sources say the project of Parliament House likely to complete by 2022 and other buildings by 2024. It’s sure that the new buildings will be constructed keeping all points related to Vaastu?


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