• Monday, 13 January, 2020 12:33:AM

    JNU now became a den of controversy. Issues not dying, one after another raising head results in defame of the world-renowned institute. Sources this is not only to take control of the University by different ideologist but to convert and dance to their tune. Resistance and counter-resistance affecting the academic environment. Import of persons from other ideologies to help to convert some time not yield results, the capabilities and competence also required. JNU has produced many now making a lot of contributions to the country. Sources say presence of person on helm of affairs in the campus also necessary to counter many problems on the spot, probably because of this most of renowned academic institutions provides residence to top persons in the campus,  JNU  also provided but it is learned by sources that VC having bungalow in the campus but stays outside in previously allotted during his last assignment. This gives chance to others to play in the open field. This is most appreciate the time to join hand together by all, maybe followers of any ideology, to save this most renowned institution and regain lost glory and ensure that campus to remain politically free concentrate only in an academic environment?


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