• Monday, 16 March, 2020 11:26:AM

    Now it is almost certain that  Kamalnath will not continue as CM. BJP is to select a new face for CM. Sources say, name of Narender Tomar, Narottam Mishra and Shivraj Singh Chouhan prominently coming up but it will depend on  Scindia as well. Tomar is a sworn enemy of Scindia, Mishra hails from Datia. 22 MLA'S resigned from Congress, 18 are from Gwalior and Bhind and only 4 are from the Malwa area. Sources say it will be interesting to see Tomar and Mishra campaign for the candidates till yesterday opposed. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, as senior party leader has already welcomed Scindia and promised in public to work with him, sources say it is different that till 2019 elections criticized him for all moves?


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