• Monday, 23 March, 2020 12:35:AM

    All of sudden a Virus appeared on the horizon and spread to now at least more than 130 countries, lakhs of people are suffering, thousands have died, the closure of boundaries and public services already derailed growing economy of many countries. It is more alarming that so far no vaccine has been developed to treat the disease. The symptomatic treatment though cured many but death rate is still increasing. It is said that this Virus  came from city of Wuhan, China to the places. Trump, President of USA called it Chinese Virus, which was condemned by all Chinese all over the world.Sources say  that this Virus was stolen by one Chinese Scientist working in one of research centre in Canada and was taken to Wuhan laboratory. During some experiments, scientist could not manage the Virus and it came out of laboratory.Sources say the symptoms of Corona was noticed in one of person working in one shop of Seafood market,  spread over five lakh square feet, in the market all seafood including Bat, as early as on 17th November 2019. Chinese authorities deny this and say the market is unauthorised and add that this Virus was carried by one group of soldiers to their country. USA denied this. It is difficult to find out the source but it is true that this Virus without discrimination affected on a worldwide scale  and took many lives and their livelihood .


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