• Monday, 23 March, 2020 12:35:AM

    Congress government lost its majority and the CM resigned.Political manoeuvre started, Sources say 23 MLA’s resigned, unfortunately 2 died and in the state assembly to prove majority BJP requires support of four independent and six more from by-elections of 25 seats. If independent  doesn’t support BJP then 10 seats are required.For Congress party without support of independent requires 21 seats and if supported by independent only 17 seats.Sources say BJP is in strong position to form government but Governor is having two options either to invite the largest party to form the government or BJP to approach Governor with request to invite them to form government and Governor accept the request but sources say inspite of fall of Congress, government BJP yet to decide leader to lead the party and claim for CM position. The delay clearly indicates that party is not of one view on leadership and in this circumstance Narender Tomar, Minister in the Modi government likely to be asked to take charge of state by top leadership of BJP?


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