• Monday, 06 July, 2020 10:53:AM

    In the present day decisions taken don't need to be based on facts, feedback, and on requirements, sources say. I go by many decisions taken, it will be clear, take the example of establishing a News Service for Prasar Bharti, sources say, it is on record that since it was established, to date there is not even one taker of service from the agency. The sixty stations of DD also not taking help, All India Radio is having its own as the DD. A lot of money is being drained off every month in maintaining establishment, sources say the present leadership is closing many important government establishments by claiming that they are not working properly and so the government is not ready to continue these establishments to save money of taxpayers but at the same time creating many establishments in government or with arrangements, some if seeing are the parallels, During this present pandemic serious study without any prejudice needs to be done by authorities to curb these upcoming tendencies to save taxpayers money, sources say?


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