• Monday, 06 July, 2020 10:53:AM

    Seems true that Congress leaders after being in the ruling party for many years, not able to bring themselves in their comfort zone as leaders, not in power. Personal ego and agenda still on top for them, party position and sacrifice for party probably gone in wane. Sources say this has resulted in many losses to a party other than losing power at different state on many occasions. Sources say the infighting in party is continuing, almost all strong regional leaders want to take benefit of weak central leadership. They are aware that no one can take decisive action and they are free to do whatever they want. Sources say till recently the Chattisgarh government was running well but the aspiration of  Singh Deo, a strong leader and considered man behind victory in last state election due to putting forward increased support price of rice, later proved to be most attractive and winning agenda, is now creating problems for the present government, sources say. He is putting forward that the then President of the party promised him a term of CM for two and a half years and time is ripe for present leadership to hand over the CM ship to him. Sources say it seems true that no need for other parties to make inroads in Congress party, the congressman provides a chance to other parties to start the game to dislodge their government?


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