• Monday, 06 July, 2020 10:53:AM

    The government is trying everything to support poor, mazdoor, and weaker section of society, so far announced schemes are for businessmen, factory owners, and all others except middle class. No exemption from income tax or any other taxes, payment of EMI, house rent, electricity bill, house tax, sewer tax, school fees, and so on, rather all Countrymen expects that these will help others, even they supposed to contribute in national funds to help others. This middle class has lost their jobs, getting less salary, getting calls for payments and repayments, no support from anybody, this 50 crore government supporters are silently doing all because they cannot go out with their misery due to so-called reputation in society, many to maintain reputation, sources say might be passing their days with all misery, time is ripe for the government to look into the misery of these middle-class countrymen to live happily?


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