• Monday, 06 July, 2020 10:53:AM

      During this pandemic, everyone is trying its best to help infected to recover as early as possible except the private hospitals, though most of them have landed on the concessional rate on the name of service to people. Corona in Delhi has spread its wing, to treat the patients, facility in the government are not sufficient to take all the patients, considering this, the government of Delhi requested all private hospitals to accept patients and treat. Sources say, strangely most of the hospitals by this or that way started misinforming the government as well as the public on the availability of beds, ventilators, etc. They also started shifting patients to the private ward, probably to charge as per their rates. The government warned them off and on but of no visible change in the attitude. Sources say to counter this and have the correct information, the government posted two medical staff to each one hundred twelve hospitals, designating them as Liaison Officer, they are made responsible to have correct figure of available beds, ventilators and also to keep an eye on patients treatment till they are discharged. The billing process is also under scrutiny. This is helping patients to get admission and proper treatment, refusal on the ground of nonavailability became less, and also several availabilities are placed for public convenience prominently at the gate and other places. Sources say, CM and Dy CM also talks to them on Zoom to have their feedback and provide solutions?


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