• Monday, 26 October, 2020 12:08:PM

    One time very strong leader of the Congress party feels humiliation in his newfound when the same importance not getting from leaders and party workers. Sources say, not happy with the position of his name in the list of star campaigner Scindia closed himself in his bungalow at Delhi. A leader, who always enjoyed a top status in the Congress in all matters was not happy with the tenth position on the BJP list. By-elections are scheduled for 3 rd November and his absence from the campaign is seen as a setback to the BJP prospects.Sources say, anyhow he was convinced for a better deal in the future, which brought him again in the campaign. Shivraj Singh, Tomar, Vishnu Sharma, and Ms Uma Bharti also taking the load of the campaign. The continuance of Shivraj Singh's government is at stake, if he fails to manage sufficient seats, there are chances of loosing power. Sources say the outcome will also have far reaching effect on the party and future of Maharajah in state politics? 


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