• Monday, 09 November, 2020 10:46:AM

    The Haryana government is not very smoothly discharging their responsibilities. Sources say, six members of  Dushyant Chautala are in touch with the Congress party and ready to switch over. Sources say, Congress party not in very haste to topple the present government. Hudda though wants to work for the new government but the Congress party thinks that by projecting Hudda as CM candidates, BJP smartly converts the race into Jat and non-Jat which ultimately hampers the chances of the Congress party. Sources say that Congress wants to convert the angry of people against the present government into votes to form the next government with a majority. Sources say, probably the state election to take place along with UP elections in 2022. Congress party is trying to convince Hudda that though elections will be contested in his leadership name of CM candidates will not be announced till elections are won to keep Jat and non-Jat voters united?


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