• Monday, 23 November, 2020 12:43:AM

    NDA once again formed a government in Bihar under the leadership of Nitish Kumar but sources say rejecting all exit poll predictions and so many other predictions, the voters of Bihar again voted for NDA. This became clear from the very beginning of counting day and entire day no communication/ comments from CM and head of JD (U) were on record. Everyone was confused about the future role of JD (U) because of a drastic reduction in the number of seats. The CM, sources say also during private conversation opined that the verdict is not in his part's favor so whoever has been given verdict to initiate. This message disturbed not only local BJP leaders but also the central leadership. Sources say, when Bihar Vijay was to be celebrated at Head office of BJP in Dey, probably telephonic talk between PM and Nitish Kumar took place which was also followed by a discussion of Shah with Nitish Kumar. The discussion probably prompted Kumar to issue a very small statement very cautiously before the Bihar Vijay program. No one knows the future of government but at present, it's functioning?


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