• Monday, 31 July, 2017 10:40:AM

    Nitish Kumar finally formed the new government in alliance with BJP after 20 months of historic win in Bihar via Mahagathbandhan of JD(U), Congress and RJD. Some says it is "ghar wapasi"for Nitish Kumar after 4 years. Though government was formed under the leadership of Nitish Ji but it was always a pressure on him to accommodate 2 kins of Lalu ji and continuous interference on various matters was quite evident. Lalu ji wanted to adopt the same formula for Lok Sabah 2019 election. His hidden desires were also to establish himself as a key political figure in the formation and also to lead Mahagathbandhan as coordinator. Nitish ji wanted to have bigger role in Mahagathbandhan and was sure that if he remains in Mahagathbandhan it will be difficult for him to fulfill his ambitions on bigger horizons. To fulfill his ambitions, Lalu ji seriously tried. The resignation of Ms Mayawati ji from Rajya Sabha was planned by Lalu ji one month before when he met BSP chief for an hour. Sources says, Lalu ji said that at peak if she resigns on Dalit issue, there is every possibility to attract sympathy of that community which is now a bit shaky. It was planned to make Ms Mayawati, a common candidate from opposition at Phulpur consistency likely to be vacated by Keshav Prasad Maurya, who is presently serving as Deputy Chief Minister of UP. Phulpur consistency is Dalit dominated and BJP is not having any candidate to seriously challenge her. Lalu is also having a good rapport with Akhilesh Yadav and is also one main architect to bring Ms Mayawati and Akhilesh on one dais. Ms Mamta ji enjoys close relations with Lalu ji while the same is not with CM of Bihar after his support to Note bandi. This clearly states that Nitish Ji was not comfortable with these developments and waited for proper opportunity to say good bye to Mahagathbandhan for his better future?


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