• Monday, 07 August, 2017 10:31:AM

    Prime Minister  and BJP President not only repeatedly telling to make country Congress free but also seriously trying. Now almost all elections after 2014 gone in pocket of BJP except some places but there also with best political management managed formation of government. BJP seems worried for Raebareli and Amethi, the traditional seats of Congress. After creating confused environment for Rajya sabha seat election of Ahmad Patel in Gujarat by breaking party BJP is trying to lure some Congress leader of these areas to challenge Congress President and Vice President. Feelers are already working to change mind of Akhilesh Singh and Sanjay Singh to challenge the two top leaders of Congress party in 2019. Sources say after UP state election of 2017, Amit Shah got one very top secret survey conducted by one very reputed organisation and the report received is very encouraging for BJP. As reported party is comfortable in 54 seats and in Amethi 17% voters now shifted towards BJP, really very alarming information for Congress party and if it happens slogan of BJP will convert into reality?


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