• Monday, 09 October, 2017 11:37:AM

    A new trend has started after the present government has taken over, clarifying that whatever is said by the leaders even on recorders in a press meet or other gatherings, unless all of it is not vetted from concerned leaders papers, they will not be allowed to publish. In the recent press meet the President of BJP was facing some smooth, critical and over enthusiastic young correspondents, who were posing some critical questions. Sources say that the Party President answered questions about welfare schemes and good governance, highlighting the steps by central government in measured words, satisfying the correspondents and also allowed some representatives to record the conversations. But the dilemma started when a set of critical questions started pouring in, he first switched off the recorder and said to the correspondents present there that answers of those questions are already conveyed to the senior so they should not waste time. Later a report based on conversation was drafted and sent to office of President for vetting and day after it was released on clearance.


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