• Wednesday, 08 November, 2017 12:49:PM

    Ashok Chauhan, Maharashtra Congress President has become more active in the state politics in the recent times. Sources say that he  started Jana Akrosh Andolan from 31st October, 2017, in order to oppose Jan Virodhi policies being implemented by the state government. And, this morcha will continue till 19th Novermber, 2017 and during this six rallies are planned to be carried on.

    Probably, Maharashtra Congress is planning for 2019 Parliamentary Elections. The senior leaders of the Congress party are likely to explain the public about all the wrongdoings of the state and central government, starting with the GST, unemployment, price hike, d law and order situations in the country, including non implementation of the Lok Pal bill in some places in spite of reigning for 40 months in power.


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