• Thursday, 09 November, 2017 10:18:AM

    The Gujarat state election scene is getting intensified, day by day. The Congress party is trying out all its available resources to woo the voters by adopting the way Modi did in the past. Though BJP and Congress never wanted this election to take a shape of Modi versus Rahul, but the circumstances and situations propelled to take things in a different stride. It is projected that this is more of a fight between two parties, whereas in reality, both the leaders are taking all the decisions behind the curtain. Sources say that in PMO, the trusted officers from Gujrat are keeping a close eye on each and every happenings and reporting them directly to the PM.

    This is for the first time that Modi is directly managing election campaigns. For UP elections  Amit Shah managed the entire show. Modi is directly talking to the MLA's and other political leaders of Gujrat to get their feedback and opinions. Now it is to be seen, whether Modi will win in his home state or not?


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