• Monday, 13 November, 2017 11:33:AM

    Congress party is trying all its weapons in their arsenal to try and win the state election of Gujrat. Congress wanted to have alliances with the young leaders of Gujrat, especially with Hardik Patel. To wipe out all the differences, Rahul Gandhi deputed Kapil Sibbal to sort out matters with the Patidar leader.

    Sources say, every one was surprised with the choice of representative to handle this situation, despite of knowing well that Ahmad Patel is dealing with all the matters in Gujrat exclusively. Some rumours have started taking rounds that Ahmad Patel is loosing ground in party. But most people were surprised to know that so far Kapil Sibbal has not done anything good for the party. People were aghast remembering that in 2011, during Anna Hazare’s programme, Kapil Sibbal was assigned to talk Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare. The meeting was held  in one hotel, but as usual, during the discussion Kapil Sibbal spoke with Baba Ramdev in his Advocate-self, maintaining that language, which was not really appreciated by Baba Ramdev and his supporters. They left in a haste in protest. What happened next at the Ramlila ground in the midnight is not unknown to all.

    Knowing well that this crucial assignment was given to Kapil Sibbal, which failed miserably, yet another is given to him. Sources say that probably it also met with the same fate as Hardik Patel is apparently looking towards an old friend Shiv Sena.


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