• Monday, 13 November, 2017 11:33:AM

    PHD-New Delhi chapter wanted to have a seminar fifteen days ago. And, as usual they were interested to invite the Cabinet Ministers for discussions during the seminar, but unfortunately no one was available in that slot of time. At last, Nitin Gadkari accepted the invitation. Inspite of acceptance sent by the Minister, the organisers were not happy, as the records says after much propaganda a very few times he turns up as per the schedule. But in this case as he agreed for inauguration ceremony the President of PHD wanted some senior officer for the closing ceremony as they approached Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi. Surprisingly, the President of PHD was invited by  Rahul Gandhi to chalk out the program and sources say that Rahul Gandhi spent around 45 minutes with him and also agreed to come for closing ceremony.

    Rahul Gandhi touched many subjects during this 45-minute discussion, and at last remarked that presently only one man is taking all decisions and this has hampered many developmental works. The Chairman of Tourism Committee said that the same was happening in UPA government, where decisions were being taken from 10 Janpath. To this Rahul replied that it is not correct to say that as all decisions are taken by PMO, everyone was relieved from tension and burst in to laughter. Handling the situation cleverly was new for the Vice President of Congress.


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