• Monday, 27 November, 2017 11:10:AM

    Though Congress Prime Minister opened the Lock of Ram Mandir, but later on the policy shifted to appease minorities. Quite contradictory to this, BJP continued to remain with the Hindutva card. And now, the prominent party leader Rahul Gandhi has started his campaign (following BJP’s footsteps) with darshan and offerings at temple, while never missing any chance to visit the temples on his routes or place of meetings.

    This indicates at a clear switch over from previous strategy. During last 22 years BJP ruled-Gujrat was clearly divided, Congress was with Adivasis and minorities. Now, BJP is trying hard to inroad in these groups too and Congress is also shifting towards Patidars.

    Muslim voters always feel that the Patidars were responsible for Gujrat riots supported Congress, but this time Congress is also trying to go with Hardik Patel and others. So far, Rahul has not visited any Mosque or accepted caps. Though this is likely to hurt the minorities, but they don’t having any other options?


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