• Monday, 04 December, 2017 11:32:AM

    One Hindi news paper in the south, which brings many editions from UP, is considered to be the apt, was denied DAVP advertisements of their two editions on the claims that circulation figures have been manipulated to get more rates of advertisement from DAVP. The owner and political editor of news paper contacted the concerned Minister. Ministers, very categorically said, it is not possible to do any thing in this regard. They have placed the fact that the entire group is working for BJP and RSS and trying all their best to propagate policies of party and this very small calculation mistake should be ignored. Their submission was rejected by telling that now you are open to go to Congress party for support. Owner submission that they believe in policy of BJP they can not switch over to Congress, nothing melted. Sources say, they are planning to go PM carbaryl to place fact and remedy?


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