• Monday, 04 December, 2017 11:32:AM

    Since 2014 BJP has been, if not fully but to some extent, depending on the social media for all propaganda & projection of their policies. Congress party was lacking behind in the adoption of social media, but after the rise of one American company working for Congress and Rahul Gandhi, this party has also become very active. Rahul Gandhi is now enjoying tweeting on the Twitter and very confidently taking part in the conversations on social media. Situations seems to have changed and BJP might be on the verge of losing the mileage or already lost. The planners are very active and intelligent, they have taken no time in switching over to the conventional system of door- to-door campaigning. This change has been admired by many, and has resulted in a very good response during Himachal Pradesh elections. Party has adopted this door-to-door campaign in local elections and come out with flying colours. Sources say, this style is always preferred by RSS also, and probably, same tactics were adopted during Gujarat elections - A definite Change in policy.


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