• Monday, 04 December, 2017 11:32:AM

    In the recent years, the spurt in reported killing of BJP workers, has opened the Pandora’s box of questions and the timings of highlighting events beyond proportions. Has this killing started only after taking over power in the state by LDA or has this been going on for long but has never been reported?Is it a problem of law and order or clash of ideologies? Sources say, BJP is concentrating in places/states, where it has been not doing best, so far, and Kerala is one state amongst some. RSS is having a strong presence there since a long time, but BJP, which has tasted the fruit of power in the other states, is planning meticulously to win the elections in Kerala. The ideology of both are pole apart, and to win this physiological war, both are trying to carve an inroad in each other's bastions. Aggressive moves from both, bring skirmish, for ideology domination and war of word continues. In order to gain certain sympathy, the projection blown is sometimes out of proportion. For clean and ethical politics constraints are required from both the parties and a change of guard always happens without any problem through the ballot in democracy, and here also, it happens if voters desires to?


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