• Monday, 01 January, 2018 10:36:AM

    Mamta Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal, is trying to create an alliance with all the opposition parties and lead this alliance in 2019 Parliamentary elections. To go public with the merits of the Chief Minister, a press Conference was organized by the TMC party, and the MP of the party Derek O’ Brien, elaborately discussed that in spite of strong opposition from BJP and Communists, Mamta didi managed to get a thumping victory second time. 

    Quite promptly and forcefully, it was brought in to notice that she opposed demonetisation programs of PM and never kneeled down, rather she fought for the public interest always. Derek did not hesitate to say that she is maintaining a very good relation with all other party leaders. She never leaves any chance to appreciate bold steps taken by the opposition leaders and makes a point to attend all the big events organized by the leaders of non BJP  governments and parties. In spite of all these moves, many now wish, openly, for Didi to try to lead country in time to come, though denied in person always. The ex-minister in central ministry is making friends in opposition parties to have a lot of leaders in her side when time comes, but it is not easy without the blessing of Mrs Sonia Gandhi, who is still considered to be an acceptable leader in UPA. This will also not be an easy game for the Chairperson of UPA to agree because accepting Mamta Didi as the leader of the opposition alliance will mean that Rahul Gandhi will have to wait any longer to claim for the PM's chair?


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