• Monday, 08 January, 2018 10:47:AM

    Lalu Ji has been sentenced three and a half year’s punishment and a fine of ten lakh rupees in one of the fodder cases. Sources say, some family differences are coming in light on leadership of party after Lalu Ji. Tejaswi, Former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, is defending his father and accusing the state and central government for maligning reputation of the family, and with such actions want to silence an opposition voice. On the day of sentence, Mrs Rabri Devi chaired the meeting of senior party leaders, but it is not clear whether this to read the mood of the leaders or to tell them about probable change of guards. Thoughts of Lalu Ji  are not yet conveyed by any one because Lalu Ji not allows any close relations to meet him in the jail. During the last imprisonment of 9 months none from the family was allowed to meet him. Some close watchers say, Lalu Ji becomes very emotional while meeting family members, so he avoids them. With the front moves and the frontal attack on Government, some read that Tejaswi is likely to takeover?


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