• Monday, 08 January, 2018 10:47:AM

    This is no secret that the Prime Minister and the Party President advised MPs to remain in the Parliament during the sessions, but it seems all is not heeded by the leaders. During parliamentary sessions the speaker had to adjourn Lok Sabha twice or thrice due to the presence of less numbers of MPs of the ruling party. Sources say, the advice of PM to them to not to go for outing on the New Year has also made dent on already crafted programs with family and friends. Such an adamant response by the MPs was not seen in the past many times. BJP is known for its discipline and this behaviour act has been propagated on a high pitch now. However, this shows that either MPs are sure not to repeated such activity or that they sense that party is not going to do well in the upcoming elections and maybe they want to be seen separate from the  present position to have an independent identity which was lacking due to strict control over them and the party leaders? Is this a signal for the present leaders to take lessons to change so as to keep party united?


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