• Monday, 05 February, 2018 11:24:AM

    Needless to say, the middle class is crushed between the price hike and in maintaining the status in the society. The comparison of price will only speak the plight of the middle class. Let us take an example of only one item, petrol, if its price in 3 years is studied, it is evident that the cost is escalated for about 40 percent. Milk, Sugar, Wheat and almost everything has gone up almost in the similar way. The price of potato, onion and fresh vegetables are also up though growers are throwing them on the street because of very poor return, not even the cost of transportation is covered, but the middle-man present in this administration are making money and the responsible authorities do not heed to complain of public because they are enjoying everything at the cost of 3.5% as honest taxpayers. Sources say, everyone still believes in the ruling government and has high hopes that present government will come out  from Kumbhkarna-sleep to address problems of the commoners. 



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