• Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 10:16:AM

    The Chairman of Rajya Sabha, though he’s a very senior parliamentarian, but in his new role, he is seriously learning rules to manage Rajya Sabha as per established rules and practices. Sensing the mood of members in the morning during a debate in Rajya Sabha, the Chairman adjourned till 2 pm. Sources say, this was first incident of adjournment of more than hour. Later when reassembled Azad raised the point of adherence to rules and regulations blaming that government is determined to throw away all practices and rules, Kurien, who was in the chair addressed the matter with an appeal that the Chairman decided this and he will only give ruling.

    Afterwards, the Vice President said that to avoid such disturbances in the proceedings, he decided to adjourn for more than one hour. Sources say, the Chairman is new and represents entire country so he is learning rules to make the sabha more organized and efficient.


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