• Monday, 05 March, 2018 10:04:AM

    Dalits have supported Congress for long but after 2008 they started inching towards BJP, as was seen during last parliament elections and in some state elections, their support only brought BJP to power. The promises and some actions of the party though initially attracted the Dalits, but the non-fulfilment of promises their support started drifting away. 

    Recent publicity in the public for common lunch and dinner at the house of Dalit by leaders is nothing but to show that they are with Dalits. The most visible turn towards Dalit was seen during recently held Rashtrodaya program of Sangh, in Meerut. Almost all the hoardings were carrying Dalit Chetna messages showing Dalit prem. All of them carried a very different approach from the earlier ones. The hoardings were depicting Brahman- Vashishta, Chatriya- Rama, Krishna- Yadav and Tuka ram- Shudra with the writings that Valmiki - the untouchable, will share everything. Some objections were raised by the followers of Valmiki depicting him as untouchable and some hoardings were removed, but concerned with Jatavs going away from the fold BJP moved in a very calculative manner to attract Jatavs present in the fourteen districts in majority of western UP. 

    The propaganda that the food packets were collected from all the families without considering cast and status for about 1,00,000 participants in Rastrodaya and will be distributed amongst participants without concerning cast and creed also for them. Sources say, RSS has now changed the tactics because Dalits are moving towards Congress again.


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