• Monday, 12 March, 2018 10:48:AM

    H.E. Emmanuel Macron, the President of Republic of France, is on visit to India with forty leading businessman with an objective to enter a mutual understanding in different sectors for the benefit of both the countries and sustainable future. It is likely that an agreement in the field of Defence and Defence production, sea security, especially smooth sailing in Hind Mahasagar, water survey, communication, transfer or sharing of information on  security, drug trafficking, migration, education, high speed railway system, metro transport, solar energy, environment, atomic energy, nuclear science and space are to be signed by both the countries.  

    The president is also interested in working for Jaitpur nuclear plant, which was abandoned after a lot of criticism by the social activists due to Fukushima nuclear disaster that was initiated primarily by tsunami following the Tohoku earthquake on 11th March, 2011. The project was initiated by UPA - II in 2009, and is of approximate cost of Rs 1.12 trillion with capacity of 9900 MW. This project of Nuclear Power Corporation is aimed to have 6 European Pressurised Reactors designed and developed by Areva of France, a French state  run company. This agreement was signed  during the visit of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2010. Critics also say that the cost per unit of electricity generated by Jaitpur plant will be Rs. 4, which is much higher as compared with the existing cost across the world. The government changed both places and controversies, litigations already delayed execution, in the mean time Putin, during his visit and interactions at different places with counterparts and persons concerned said to shown interest in the project. Sources say, some very renowned company from Russia showed inclination to take up work and recently a very powerful delegation from company visited the site and discussed the matter elaborately with NSA, the out come is still not clear, but the ongoing visit of French President likely to put pressure for early finalisation and restart the work. It will be interesting to see.


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