• Monday, 16 April, 2018 10:27:AM

    In spite of best efforts of PM Namo, the state stalwarts are not falling in line to maintain a clean and transparent image of the government among the public. In a recent case, where a MLA was said to be involved in rape and murder charges, the Police not acted according to the rule and allowed MLAs to remain free for more than 11 months. Ultimately, under the pressure of media and public, it succumbed but not arrested unless case was transferred to CBI. 

    Sources say, during the meeting with CM of state, the BJP president desired that an FIR to be lodged against MLA; secondly, a request to be forwarded for the transfer of case to CBI; and thirdly, to initiate a disciplinary case against the MLA. However, in this case nothing and no one, but only CBI acted, being under control of central government, no action said to be initiated by state government. Sources also say that Thakur lobby in the state is very strong and MLA belongs to that lobby. This is a clear hint of why the culprit is still breathing in the safe zone.


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