• Monday, 14 May, 2018 11:17:AM

    Initially, journalists were kept away from the government functioning. Leaders and ministers were advised to maintain suitable distance from them. Later, Piyush Goyal started interacting with them to disclose government policies and achievements and Gadkari also followed, but recently, he wanted to take a few Journalists to Ladakh when PM to attend some function, considering the best opportunity to allure and also to impress PM of following his guidelines of close interaction with Journalists to write on government achievements, requested PMO to arrange meeting and briefings of PM with these Journalists during PM visit, sources say, a very flat direction came that only ANI and government media will accompany PM. The entire game was crumbled, but the question was also raised why the earlier guidelines were made? Is it only for the ministers and not for PMO, to look strictly for the followers of government rules. 


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