• Monday, 14 May, 2018 11:17:AM

    It's an established practice since years now that irrespective of the party and alliances, politicians prefer to move out of the country in summer. Generally, the party in power and politicians in power fix their meetings, study tours or attend seminars during this period at the cost of government, revenue is generated through public money. Cost cutting in the government expenditure is there only on paper. Solid justifications are forwarded to spend money from the government coffers. No one knows what these leaders have learned from their respective tour and how money spent was later utilised. This is not only applicable to ruling party, but other politicians also travel to Europe and other countries on pretext of member of groups sponsored by government. Accountability is to be fixed for such wasteful things, if so, expenditures and countrymen must be taken in confidence about the progress achieved with adopting newly learned tactics.


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